VILLAGE KI-YI – 30th Anniversary

VILLAGE KI-YI - 30th Anniversary 17-21 December 2015, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire “Twenty Years of Literary Criticism on the work of Werewere-Liking: Reading Then, Reading Now”. A Roundtable with Irene Assiba D'Almeida, Odile Cazenave, Judith … [Continue reading]

October 2015, ALTA

ALTA Conference 3-6 October 2015, Oakland, CA    ALTA Panel – ''The ear at work when translating Assia Djebar: Assia Djebar in Translation. A presentation by Marjolijn de Jager, literary translator, and Laurence Jay-Rayon, Montclair State … [Continue reading]

Marjolijn de Jager Interview with Werewere Liking (Video)

Werewere Liking and Marjolijn de Jager first met about 25 years ago (1990) when Marjolijn visited Werewere at the Village Kili in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, while researching Francophone African authors and publishers. They have been friends … [Continue reading]

PEN America: 2015 Translation Slam

Marjolijn de Jager joins fellow translators at 2015 PEN America Translation Slam … [Continue reading]

My University Life

My University of Life by Andreas Landshoff Self-published Autobiography/Interview, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2015)   … [Continue reading]

Dead Certainties

On Psychoanalysis, Disillusion, and Death: Dead Certaintiesby Antonie LadanOriginal title: Het Vanzelfzwijgende – Over psychoanalyse, desillusie en doodPublished by Routledge. London: 2014 "In this truly wonderful book, filled with clearly … [Continue reading]

On Psychoanalysis, Disillusion, and Death: Dead Certainties

On Psychoanalysis, Disillusion, and Death: Dead Certainties by Antonie Ladan Original title: Het Vanzelfzwijgende – Over psychoanalyse, desillusie en dood Published by Routledge. London: 2014 For some years now, psychoanalysts have been trying … [Continue reading]

Illusion Confusion – The Wonderful World of Optical Deception

 Illusion Confusion – The Wonderful World of Optical Deception By Paul M. Baars Introduction translated from the Dutch by Marjolijn de Jager Published by Thames & Hudson: 2014   … [Continue reading]

“Translation – A Listening Art”

in “INTIMATE ENEMIES – Translation in Francophone Contexts” Edited by Kathryn Batchelor and Claire Bisdorff Liverpool University Press. Liverpool: 2013 … [Continue reading]

Bilingual Reading of “RAIS, BENTALHA…A year later”

November, 2014 Bilingual Reading of Assia Djebar’s poem “RAIS, BENTALHA…A year later”, (RAIS, BENTALHA…Un an après) Bilingual Readings Program at the ALTA (American Literary Translators Association), Milwaukee, WI … [Continue reading]