Illusion Confusion – The Wonderful World of Optical Deception

 Illusion and Confusion by Paul  Baar - Introduction translated by Marjolijn de JagerIllusion Confusion – The Wonderful World of Optical Deception
By Paul M. Baars
Introduction translated from the Dutch by Marjolijn de Jager

Published by Thames & Hudson: 2014

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Children of the Buddha: The Eternal Cycle of Life

children-of-the-buddahChildren of the Buddha
The Eternal Cycle of Life
by Charlie Hilm
Produced by Flying Teachers > Learn More

Mon Afrique

mon-afriqueMon Afrique, photographs of sub-Saharan Africa
Aperture, New York, NY
Texts by Calixthe Beyala and Jean-Claude Nouvelière Original title: Mon Afrique > Learn More

The Magic of M. C. Escher

escherThe Magic of M. C. Escher,
from the Dutch texts of Escher’s journals,
correspondence and lectures.
An Andreas Landshoff Production
for Joost Elffers Books,
Published by Harry N. Abrams Inc.,
New York, New York: 2000. … > Learn More

The Ultimate Picasso

The Ultimate PicassoThe Ultimate Picasso,
Chapters 1-4 by Brigitte Léal and
Chapters 10-12 by Marie-Laure Bernadac. … > Learn More

TOOLS, Making Things Around the World

TOOLSTOOLS, Making Things Around the World
by Hubert Comte. … > Learn More

Franklin Bowles Gallery

Franklin Bowles Gallery, Prince Street, New York, NY.
Lecture-Presentation on Louis Aragon and Marc Chagall.
Translation of poems by Aragon accompanying 25 Chagall etchings exhibited in the Gallery.
July 31, 1997 … > Learn More

Contemporary Art of Africa

contemporary-art-of-africaContemporary Art of Africa,
Edited by André Magnin with Jacques Solilou. … > Learn More

Art of Africa

art-of-africaArt of Africa
by Jacques Kerchache, Jean-Louis Paudrat, and Lucien Stephan. … > Learn More