For a Long Time, Afraid of the Night: A Novel

by Yasmine Ghata
Translated by Marjolijn de Jager
Published by Schaffner Press, Inc.; None edition (April 15, 2019)

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The Bone Seekers

The Bone Seekers | Tahar Djaout, Tranlated by Marjolijn de JagerThe Bone Seekers
by Tahar Djaout

Translated by Marjolijn de Jager
Dialogos / Lavender Ink: December, 2018 … > Learn More

Congo, Inc.

Congo Inc.
Bismarck’s Testament
by In Koli Jean Bofane
Translated by Marjolijn de Jager
Foreword by Dominic Thomas
Indiana University Press: January, 2018.
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Marjolijn de Jager Interview with Werewere Liking (Video)

Werewere Liking and Marjolijn de Jager first met about 25 years ago (1990) when Marjolijn visited Werewere at the Village Kili in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, while researching Francophone African authors and publishers. They have been friends ever since and have stayed in each others homes and come to know one another’s families.   … > Learn More

The Past Ahead

past-aheadThe Past Ahead
by Gilbert Gatore.
Indiana University Press: October 2012.
Global African Voices Series
Original title: Le Passé devant soi > Learn More

The Abandoned Baobab – Paperback

The Abandoned Baobab The Abandoned Baobab:
The Autobiography of a Senegalese 
Woman, [Paperback]
by Ken Bugul.
CARAF Books: Caribbean and African Literature,  2008.

Original title: Le Baobab Fou. > Learn More

In Search of Gretl

in-search-of-gretlIn Search of Gretl
by Marie-Odile Beauvais.
A selection of French contemporary fiction
to be read and translated
No. 5, September 2009. … > Learn More

The Revenge of the Waiters

Revenge of the Waiters “The Revenge of the Waiters”
by Jean-Bernard Puay.
Published in PARIS NOIR, Auélien Masson (Ed.)
Published by Akashic Books,
New York, NY 10009: 2008 … > Learn More

The Last Summer of Reason (Paperback)

The Last Summer of ReasonThe Last Summer of Reason (Paperback)
by Tahar Djaout.
Republished by Bison Books,
University of Nebraska Press,
Lincoln and London: 2007
Original Title: Le dernier été de la raison > Learn More

“She Had Waited for This”

She Had Waited for This“She Had Waited for This”
by Camille Laurens.
Fabrice Rozié, Esther Allen, Guy Walter (Eds.)
Dalkey Archive Press, Champaign-London: 2007 … > Learn More