Marjolijn de Jager Interview with Werewere Liking (Video)

Werewere Liking and Marjolijn de Jager first met about 25 years ago (1990) when Marjolijn visited Werewere at the Village Kili in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, while researching Francophone African authors and publishers. They have been friends ever since and have stayed in each others homes and come to know one another’s families.  In addition, Marjolijn has had the privilege of being the translator of three of Werewere novels.

This video was conducted at JFK International Airport in New York, where Werewere Liking has a long layover between flights from Abidjan and Syracuse, New York, for a week-long visit at Hamilton College, where she has been invited as artist in residence. Unable to find any spot quiet enough for our interview at the airport, they ended up in the back seat of Marjolijn’s car in the airport parking lot.

Werewere Liking pour le blog “Le mot juste en anglais”