Paris Noir

Paris Noir by Jean-Bernard Puay,
In paris noir, Auélien Masson (Ed.)
Published by Akashic Books.
New York, NY 10009: 2008

“The dank and sweaty crime scenes in Paris Noir (Akashic, paper, $15.95) testify to the fact that the French invented “noir.”  Among the jarring images in this story collection (astutely edited by Aurélien Masson and translated by David Ball, Nichole Ball, Carol Cosman and Marjolijn de Jager), Didier Daeninckx’s murky view of the after-hours scene in Porte Saint-Denis and Marc Villard’s gritty look at the sex trade in Les Halles are correctives to all those persistent romantic fantasies about the city.”
– New York Times Book Review, Sunday November 16, 2008