“Translation as Revelation”

March 19 – 21, 2008
“Translation as Revelation”
Invited Speaker at the 37th Annual French Literature Conference

“Stealing the Fire in French and Francophone Literature and Film:
Adaptation, Appropriation, Plagiarism, Hoax”
Facilitated by Prof. Jeanne Garane of the Dept. of Languages,
Literatures and Cultures, University of South Carolina, Columbia South Carolina … > Learn More

“A Child Remembers World War II”

March 6, 2008
“A Child Remembers World War II”, 
a personal recollection of Learning in Retirement,
an ongoing program at Sacred Heart University, Stamford, Connecticut … > Learn More

AWP (Association of Writers & Writing Programs) Annual Conference

February 1, 2008
AWP (Association of Writers & Writing Programs) Annual Conference,
New York City, New York
Member of “Translation in MFA Programs” panel, chaired by B.J. Epstein … > Learn More

“Festival of Words,”

May, 2006
“Festival of Words,” Norwalk Community College, Norwalk, Connecticut
Reading of Assia Djebar’s “RAIS, BENTALHA…A year later” … > Learn More

Presentation and Q&A session on CHILDREN OF THE NEW WORLD

December 2, 2005 and February 23,  2006
City University of New York, New York, New York
Presentation and Q&A session on CHILDREN OF THE NEW WORLD
with Assia Djebar and introduced by Prof. Judith Miller (NYU). … > Learn More

ALTA Annual Conference

October 19, 2002
ALTA Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois
Bilingual Poetry Reading by Translators Series; a reading of five poems by the Dutch poet, Huub Beurskens. … > Learn More

Radio Interview with Djamila Addar

May 29, 2002
Radio Interview with Djamila Addar (Montreal, Canada)
“Le Printemps de Tahar Djaout”; see http://www.kabyle.com/ . … > Learn More

LIBERTÉ-Algérie: newspaper interview by Belloula Nassira

May 27, 2002
LIBERTÉ-Algérie: newspaper interview by Belloula Nassira,
“Tahar Djaout a séduit l’élite et les universités américaines” … > Learn More

Voice-over (Dutch) for Cibic Plus

May 2001
Voice-over (Dutch) for Cibic Plus , a video commercial: Lexicomm International, Ltd. … > Learn More

ALA (African Literature Association)

April 4-8, 2001
ALA (African Literature Association), Annual Conference, Richmond, Virginia. Roundtable The Creative Circle: Writer, Critic, Translator . Presenter: “Cultural Sensitivity in Translating African Literature”. … > Learn More