Poems by Hanny Michaelis and Ernst van Altena

Poems by Hanny Michaelis and Ernst van Altena in The Antagonish Review, No. 21, Spring 1975. … > Learn More

On an Island

“On an Island” by Hugo Claus in Contemporary Literature in Translation  No 20, Fall/Winter 1974. … > Learn More


“February” by Hanny Michaelis in Bardic Echoes, Vol. XV, No. 4, December 1974.

  … > Learn More

“Poems” by Gerrit Achterberg in Poet Lore

“Poems” by Gerrit Achterberg in Poet Lore, Vol. 69, No. 4, Winter 1974.
***AWARDED: Third Prize for Translation 1974 by Poet Lore > Learn More

In Memory of Paul Célan

“In Memory of Paul Célan” by Peter Bormans in “The Antagonish Review, No. 18, Summer 1974.

  … > Learn More

Poems by Ellen Warmond and Ankie Peypers

Poems by Ellen Warmond and Ankie Peypers in Mundus Artium, Vol. VII, No. 2, 1974.

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“Three Poems”

“Three Poems” by Hanny Michaelis in Sparrow, No. 28, December 1973.

  … > Learn More

“Six Poems” by Hanny Michaelis

“Six Poems” by Hanny Michaelis in DELTA, Vol. XVI, No. 2, Summer 1973. … > Learn More

“Late-Winter Night” by Jan Elburg

“Late-Winter Night” by Jan Elburg in Contemporary Literature in Translation, No. 15, Spring 1973. … > Learn More