Shaba Two, The Notebooks of Mother Marie Gertrude

Shaba Two, The Notebooks of Mother Marie Gertrude,
by V.Y. Mudimbe.
Original title: Shaba Deux, Les Carnets de Mère Marie Gertrude , Présence Africaine, Paris, 1989. … > Learn More

Daughters of Ismaël

Daughters of Ismaël,
by Assia Djebar.
A libretto, translation commissioned by Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge.
Original title: Filles d’Ismaël dans le vent et la tempête. … > Learn More


by Walter van den Broeck.
For Andreas Landshoff Productions, B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Translated from the Dutch.
Original title: Amanda en de Widowmaker . … > Learn More