Gaddafi’s Harem

Gaddafi's Harem

Gaddafi’s Harem — The Story of a Young Woman and the Abuses of Power in Libya
by Annick Cojean
Grove Press, New York: 2013.
Original title: Les Proies > Learn More

The Past Ahead

past-aheadThe Past Ahead
by Gilbert Gatore.
Indiana University Press: October 2012.
Global African Voices Series
Original title: Le Passé devant soi > Learn More

The Abandoned Baobab – Paperback

The Abandoned Baobab The Abandoned Baobab:
The Autobiography of a Senegalese 
Woman, [Paperback]
by Ken Bugul.
CARAF Books: Caribbean and African Literature,  2008.

Original title: Le Baobab Fou. > Learn More

In Search of Gretl

in-search-of-gretlIn Search of Gretl
by Marie-Odile Beauvais.
A selection of French contemporary fiction
to be read and translated
No. 5, September 2009. … > Learn More

Beauvoir in Love

Beauvoir in LoveBeauvoir in Love

by Irène Frain.   … > Learn More

Shaba Two, The Notebooks of Mother Marie Gertrude

Shaba Two, The Notebooks of Mother Marie Gertrude,
by V.Y. Mudimbe.
Original title: Shaba Deux, Les Carnets de Mère Marie Gertrude , Présence Africaine, Paris, 1989. … > Learn More

Daughters of Ismaël

Daughters of Ismaël,
by Assia Djebar.
A libretto, translation commissioned by Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge.
Original title: Filles d’Ismaël dans le vent et la tempête. … > Learn More


by Walter van den Broeck.
For Andreas Landshoff Productions, B.V., Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Translated from the Dutch.
Original title: Amanda en de Widowmaker . … > Learn More

The Revenge of the Waiters

Revenge of the Waiters “The Revenge of the Waiters”
by Jean-Bernard Puay.
Published in PARIS NOIR, Auélien Masson (Ed.)
Published by Akashic Books,
New York, NY 10009: 2008 … > Learn More

The Last Summer of Reason (Paperback)

The Last Summer of ReasonThe Last Summer of Reason (Paperback)
by Tahar Djaout.
Republished by Bison Books,
University of Nebraska Press,
Lincoln and London: 2007
Original Title: Le dernier été de la raison > Learn More